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hyello everyone! its glad to be back home for awhile huhuhu. how was your day anyway? and for those whos fasting, korang puasa penuh tak sepanjang 10 hari ni? :p kot kot la ada yang puasa yangyok ((bukak periuk)) lol. okay since its saturday and im sure lotsa people are free today, so im just gonna go straight. first of all i would like to say sorry to everyone for not being an active user. i used to give so many excuses: antaranya sebab exam. haih tapi tahun lepas pun i tak active jugak padahal takde exam besar pun T^T im so so sorry!! i hope you're not angry :( insyaallah, after spm, i will free my time to update more okay! :)

second is, i would like to seek for forgiveness to anyone i have hurt, including readers, my friends, strangers and many more. i sincerely apologize for what i have done since the day we met or knew each other. though i have never meant to hurt anybody, or to be enemy with anyone. i am a sinner too so i hope no one ever expected me to be as perfect as u want me to be. 

thirdly, since im gonna sit for spm this year, so i would be very honoured if you want to pray for my success :) doakan saya 11A+ SPM 2018 tau!! heheheh and also doakan saya supaya rajin baca buku :(( saya ni malas, selalu buat kerja last minute huhuhuh :'( semoga insyirah aisyah akan terus rajin lepas ni :p

and last but not least, i would like to say thank you for everything!! thank you for your endless love and countless support! thank you for reaching my website! thank you for being nice readers! i owe you guys a lot. seriously. keep supporting keep giving good responses and keep spreading good vibes! may Allah bless all of us always! Amin. i think that would be all. bye!

a valuable lesson

hello good morning everyone! its 3.02am and I'm still awake! hahahaha give a big applause to me yeayyyy lol okay since I don't have much time ((bcs tomorrow exam tsktsk)) so I will just proceed with my story. it begins with hatred. I don't really like my friend and I decided to send her a note ((by a note, I mean through media social)). but I typed it in a rude way. she caught me and attacked me on twitter. and I realized that its my fault. she is my friend and what kind of friend would ever backstabbed her own friend right? I asked for apologize and guess she didn't ready for it yet. I was so dumb and I'm very very regretting for the things ive done to her. I was so evil. so here I would like to give an advice which is; we shouldn't judge people. they might annoy you sometimes but we cant use that as an excuse to hate them. especially to your own friends. so lets be kind to everyone okay! :)