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good luck 03s

all the best dearest 03s and averroes (my juniors) ! may all your hard work pays off :) whatever result you'll get, know that the first thing to do is to be grateful because thats what have been written for you ;) pt3 isnt everything ok so have no worries!

since you guys will continue your upper secondary very soon, these are some sorta tips to at least survive high school (lol what am i saying but you gedit right?)

1) choose your courses wisely. this is important because you gotta choose your own destiny. not that you cant take other courses at university soon, but if you are into accounts thingy, why would you take biology right? so dont follow your friends, follow your heart. 

2) kena perform since form 4. remember that form4 isnt a honeymoon year. tho you have no big exam during form4 tapi still you have to achieve good results okay so takde la beban nanti form 5 kena do revision banyak kannn. even if your friends say you are nerdy la or whatsoever, just know that you decide to be who you wanna be in the future. so have courage and believe in yourself!

3) istiqamah in everything you do (except the bad ones). solat hajat is important and you should start now, bukan masa dekat spm je. i say this because i regret not doing it earlier. i feel very munafik sebab dah dekat spm baru lah nak solat hajat but alhamdulillah until now i try to istaqamah. bila kita dah amalkan solat hajat, kita akan rasa solat hajat tu penting sangat sampai bila tertinggal satu hari rasa tak tenteram tau. hehe

so i guess thats all for now :) good luck everyone!